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      "I'm mightily afraid of catching cold," said Shorty, reaching eagerly for the canteen, and modestly turning his back on the Colonel that he might not see how deep his draft."What is there?" asked Delehanty.

      accouterments in best condition. They will wear white"You can't come out, Miss."

      The good Chaplain's fervent appeals to devote the141 day to earnest consideration of their soul's welfare could not keep them from spending the hours in planning and discussing further improvements on the house.

      It was some time before he could calm himself down sufficiently to continue his literary exercise. Then he made out:


      He gave a groan which Shorty echoed.


      Si and Shorty were prompt to improve the opportunity to house themselves comfortably.


      The boys opened their eyes wide, and could not restrain an exclamation of surprise.